07.04.2015: Bahnhof Zug – Bahnhofstrasse

Der Pendler bewegt sich täglich auf derselben Wegstrecke zwischen Wohnort und Arbeitsstelle. Seine Ansichten von Zug formen sich auf dieser Wegstrecke. Welche Eindrücke haben diejenigen, welche diesen Ort Tag für Tag der Arbeit wegen streifen?

Diese Frage veranlasst Isabelle Marrel, verschiedenste Zugpendler anzusprechen. In einer kurzen Begegnung begleitet sie diese auf dem letzten Stück ihres Arbeitsweges vom Bahnhof Zug aus zu deren Arbeitsplatz und hört sich ihre Ansichten über die Stadt Zug an.


07.04.2015: Bahnhof Zug – Bahnhofstrasse

I began to work in Zug only last week. When I came here for the first time, I felt lost. But then I took the bus that went by the lake. So I thought, yes, it is really beautiful. I mean if you go to the lake. But otherwise it’s quiet. I have to take the bus direction Postplatz. I wear high heels, because of that I take the bus to go to work. For going back to the station I always walk because of the traffic.
That’s the problem. I haven’t seen yet other places. I only go from the main station to my work which is only two bus stations further. So there is not really a lot to see. Maybe I should take the time to look around. I mean probably later. You have only a couple of minutes left for going to work, that is the problem. When you finish work you are in a hurry to catch the train home. But if you come at the weekend you would really have the time to look around, maybe. But then you don’t go to Zug. On the weekends I stay in Zürich, there are more interesting things to see.
Before I came here, I only knew that the taxes in Zug are really cheep and the rents expensive. I don’t know, I haven’t heard about other things only about taxes. I hear that everywhere I go: “Oh yah, Zug is just good for taxes.” I mean what is special about Zug except the taxes?
Maybe there are other things but I think everyone has terms just about taxes.

It’s not crowded here. But here it is much like anywhere else in Switzerland I guess. People are minding their business and they don’t really care about other people, so they just pass you by. They don’t really look at each other. I mean Zürich is a lot more international so you got a lot more international people there, so maybe it is a little bit warmer because of the fact that a lot of people come from different places. Here there are also a lot of international people, but they’re just coming for work. And everyone is in a rush to go to his or her place of work and then just catch a train back. Yes, I think it’s a lot warmer in Zürich.
No, I couldn’t imagine living here. Maybe if I was in a way older and wouldn’t have much to do on the weekend or if you don’t care about things to do on the weekend. I like to meet different people and go to different places.






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